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OSA University of California at Berkeley Student Chapter: International Nano-optoelectronic Workshop (iNOW)

An OSA sponsored fantastic academic event, international nano-optoelectronic workshop, took place from 7/29 – 8/11 in Beijing and Lanzhou, China.  This workshop was organized by Professor Connie Chang-Hasnain of the University of California at Berkeley, USA; co-chaired by Professor Yi Luo of Tsinghua University, China; Professor Zhangyuan Chen of Peking University, China; Professor Duo-Wang Fan of Lanzhou Jiaotong University, China; and Professor Yasuhiko Arakawa of University of Tokyo, Japan.

More than 300 scholars and students from China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, Sweden and US attended the workshop, which turned the workshop into a great venue for stimulating discussions on nano-optoelectronic and photonic related research topics. OSA, being one of the sponsors on the list, gave great support to the students as always.

The workshop covered a vast range of topics, including physics of nanoscale materials, nanoscale semiconductor processing and synthesis, new physics on tailorable optical and electrical properties, advanced characterization techniques, and novel devices with new functionalities.

Many OSA members from Berkeley Student Chapter were able to participate in this event. There were four international student/post-doc poster sessions during the workshop, which provided exposure of research work by graduate students and young scientists, and gave ample time for the students to interact and carry out in-depth discussions. Linus Chuang from Berkeley Chapter, who won the best student poster award, said, “This is definitely a great opportunity for researchers in this field to get together and share ideas. I received a lot of important feedback during the poster session, which would be very useful for my future work. I also appreciated many interesting and high-quality posters from other students. The four poster sessions are indeed very informative and inspiring”.

One of the rump sessions, focused on “Strategic Research and Engineering Innovation” were led by Dr. Tingye Li, former President of OSA, was very inspiring to most of the students. The panel discussion, “Secrets for Your Success”, with several renowned professors from US and China being the panelists was also one of the favorite programs of the students.

“The panel discussion was great. It was very interactive and gave us, the students, an opportunity to ask questions to all these successful professors. I learned a lot from them.” said Ye Zhou, an active member in Berkeley Chapter.

“iNOW was definitely the most beneficial professional event I have attended. The high-quality talks spanned a gamut from cutting edge technical to business wisdom to advice on life - all from some of the most distinguished and successful people in our field." said Forrest Sedgwick, formerly OSA Berkeley Student Chapter VP.

The entire event also included a few campus tours and various excursion trips, such as a one-day trip to the Great Wall and a two-day excursion to Dunhuang, one major stop on the ancient Silk Road. For most of our student members, this international experience greatly expands our understanding of global development from various perspectives, including science, technology, economy and culture.

Chris Chase, a current officer of Berkeley Student Chapter, said, “The conference schedule was packed with great talks on a wide range of topics. Besides the technical aspects, I made many contacts from all over the world and learned a great deal about China. It was an excellent experience.”

Dr. Ivan Kaminow, an OSA fellow and former Senior Science Advisor of OSA, joined us for the entire workshop. He told us, “the iNOW trip was a great opportunity for me to see progress over 26 years in Beijing city and capabilities of the universities in China. The students and facilities were most impressive. Even far to the west in Lanzhou and Dunhuang, the university was first class and the economy was booming. I am sure our students were much impressed and gained a baseline for future visits.”

Dr. Connie Chang-Hasnain, John R. Whinnery Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley, iNOW founding co-chair, and the faculty advisor for OSA Berkeley Student Chapter commented on the mission of iNOW, “We structured iNOW in such a way that the participants had ample of time and opportunities to get to know each other, and be exposed to both modern and ancient Chinese culture. With this, participants had many exciting discussions, ranging from Physics, to Geography, to potential ideas for collaboration. We hope to use iNOW as a bridge to provide connections and crosstalk for scientists and students - our future leaders - from all over the world. ”

Poster Session

Dr. Ivan Kaminow (OSA fellow) is giving a presentation on Integrated Photonics

Panel discussion: Secrets for Your Success

Members of OSA Berkeley Student Chapter in Tsinghua University